Here at JSM we offer a variety of services to help you manage your time more productively.

Here at JSM we offer a variety of services to help you manage your time more productively.

Whether you are new to the world of leather crafting or a seasoned craftsperson you will know and appreciate the difference in leather thickness for the products you make and the time needed to cut the patterns required or even just skiving the edges.

So we offer you the opportunity to make use of our industrial machines to maximise your productivity. Saving you precious time and enabling you to achieve a more professional finish.



We can split leather and other materials from 6mm to 1mm with widths up to 350mm (14”) 

Our prices are by the square foot.

The minimum order value is £25.00 

Sq Ft²                                  Price per Sq Ft²

1 – 25                                  £1.80

26 – 50                               £1.40

50 – 100                             £1.20

101 – 200                           £0.90

201 +                                   £0.60



Are you looking to join two pieces of leather together and tired of hand skiving those edges?  We can skive all edges or desired edges on your leather. Just mark it up and send it in.

  • The minimum order value is £25.00
  • The maximum width is 14 inches
  • Payment must be made before splitting
  • Prices exclude VAT and Delivery
  • Delivery is £15.40 + vat up to 15kg
  • Leather must be labelled in batches for thickness
  • Splitting and Skiving leather is at your own risk. JSM are not responsible for any damage occurred during splitting process.



Do you have a standard shape or pattern that you are constantly cutting out by hand? Maybe it is straps or card holders. Given the pattern specifics we can make you a custom die and press out the shapes for you from material supplied or call and ask about available materials. 

This process is £25 + vat / hour and you supply the materials. But if you have a set quantity we could quote accordingly. Return delivery is £15.40 + vat

If you need the die made then a quotation can be given for the cost of die manufacturing to your specifications.