Specialist in Orthopaedic Footwear & Orthoses

Handmade In Great Britain Since 1973



Highly accurate orthoses can be manufactured and designed with the aid of computerised technology or hand made in various densities of materials such as Eva/Nora and usually in conjunction with other shock absorbency materials. Postings and pressure relieving pads can also be combined. With orthotics we manufacture them from a plastic/carbon fibre type material.

Flat Insoles

These inlays are also custom-made and continue to be supplied mostly through the Health Service although available privately on request. These basic insoles are designed more to accomodate the feet and to achieve comfort rather than attempt to correct.

Heel Lift / Seat Corks

 These are small heel wedges for inside the shoe to help achieve the desired raise

Moulded Nora / Total Contact Insoles

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has brought about vast changes in the design and construction on Functional Foot Orthoses (FFO’s).

In most cases the patient stands in a foam impression box (see right) which is then digitally scanned.

Following this, an experienced Jane Saunders and Manning technician would carry out any engineering work required on the screen and send this information through to our on site milling facility (see right).

These details are stored within our Paromed system that allows exact repeat orders to be produced.

Below are a few examples, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.